A snacking service designed
to work wonders on your well-being.

We carefully source the best healthy snacks around and deliver them to your door, every month. From freeze-dried fruits to superfood seeds, SourcedBox is full of healthy snacks for you to discover.

We’re all about healthy, natural and great-tasting snacks. For us, snacks don’t have to be stuffed with sugar or crammed with chemicals, we believe nature knows best. Our snacks are carefully sourced to ensure they’re full of natural goodness that helps you feel fantastic.


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Our Snacks

A snacking service designed to work wonders on your well-being

We believe being healthy doesn’t have to be hard. It sounds straightforward, but with friends, family and the media telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat, knowing what’s what in the world of healthy eating is anything but simple. Finding healthy, natural and great-tasting snacks often means all sorts of searching and scavenging, but SourcedBox has set out to change that.

SourcedBox’s snacks are all a source of...

Natural ingredients

They’re free from refined sugars and additives.

Great Taste

We only source snacks that we’ve tried, tasted and loved.


We help you discover new snacks and save time every month.


We’re taking it back to basics with healthy, natural snacks.

Our Story

Marcus Butler & Niomi Smart


Back in 2014, we decided to change our diets and make an effort to lead a more healthy lifestyle. We were both fed up with having energy crashes, mood swings, and wanted to make a change to feel more positive about ourselves.

At first it was a challenge, there was so much information out there that we didn’t know who to listen to. We’d eat snacks that we thought were healthy but were still packed with sugar and chemicals - neither of which were making us feel good!

After lots of learning, we started to cut out sugary, artificial and processed foods, replacing them with natural alternatives. We soon started noticing the effects of these changes - we had more energy and we started feeling great!

Our YouTube channels gave us an opportunity to share our journey, and in response our viewers wanted to know how they could do the same. That’s where SourcedBox started, as a way for us to share what we’ve learnt and make it easier for people to snack healthily.

We hope you like it! Marcus & Niomi


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